"As a scholarship holder, I have been able to acquire competitive knowledge in the highly demanded field of IT. Studying for Information Technology provides me with great opportunities for the future. The experience abroad expands my horizons and enhances further professional interaction. I would like to advise all Belarusian students to not miss this opportunity to improve their potential and, consequently, the potential of our own country".

- Anton from Minsk, Master student of Information Technology - in Germany


“The scholarship scheme has made it possible for me to return to the world of academics. I strongly believe that the long-lasting changes come only through continuous education. I am grateful for the opportunity to take part of a Master program in International Marketing and Management. Being surrounded by young and ambitious people who seek knowledge is stimulating and energizing. It reassures me that everything is possible if I put my heart and mind into it. My studies provide me with pool of opportunities: to expand my personal and professional networks, to get exposure to the latest academic ideas in the business field, to cross-compare business approaches and implementation techniques in Belarus vs. other countries around the world. At the same time, in this new light I can re-evaluate my own judgment of marketing and management practices in Belarus, finding not only weaknesses - but also great potential. I hope to continue my academic research further; analysing global marketing and management concepts in application to the business environment in Belarus. The academia has much to offer to businesses - however, it needs people to channel this knowledge into action. I am happy to be one of those who will have a chance to professionally contribute to change in my country.”

- Katsiaryna from Postavy, Master student of Intl. Marketing and Management - in Lithuania


"Studying comparative law provides me with an excellent opportunity to get the knowledge of various legal systems, to compare the systems themselves, their rules, legislation, and legislative approaches and to apply this knowledge in my home country during my professional work. The experience abroad is a unique opportunity to obtain not only gain knowledge through education, but also to study the culture of a foreign country, to meet new people, make friends and share your ideas with these friends. I am sure that the education obtained abroad will help me in my future studies and professional career. In the future I would like to continue working in Belarus and do all the best to make my homeland prosperous and better place to live for future generations."

- Katsiaryna from Baran, Master student of Comparative Private Law - in Germany


As an OESS scholarship holder since 2012, I have been able to start my master studies in Poland on a double degree program. Studying both International Relations and European Administration gives me a unique opportunity not only to increase my knowledge on the subjects, but as well to grasp how young educated people can later bring positive changes to the economy and social life in Belarus. This knowledge, together with positive experience I receive in the university with truly international community of students allows me to hope that after graduation I will be able to bring the best European and international practices to Belarus and implement them for the benefit of the civil society. I would advise the Scholarship Scheme as a perfect opportunity and starting point for all those talented young Belarusians who are open to the changing world and are willing not only to become highly qualified specialists, but also seek the possibility to improve the economic, cultural and social conditions of the country they originate from.

- Yury from MahiljoĊ­, Master student of International Relations - in Poland