Monitoring visit in Warsaw, Poland, 1-2 December 2015


Poland is one of the most popular country for undergraduate and postgraduate students from Belarus. 58 scholarship holders of ESSYB and OESS chose Poland as destination country. 42 students have been studying in Polish, and 16 - in English.

On 1-2 December 2015 ESSYB and OESS Management team has visited 5 universities in Warsaw, Poland with the purpose to meet with academic and administrative staff at the universities in order to establish countermeasures and preventive actions, which could minimize occurrence of dropouts, delayed graduations and need for prolongation of scholarship – as well as improving the general cooperation and communication with university administrations.

Management team had an excellent opportunity to gather the students for interaction and discussion of current issues, alumni network and future initiatives and activities, as well as follow up on individual cases face-to-face.

Project management found two days of meetings in Warsaw of great value to the program, providing important information and understanding on issues of significant importance to the outcome of the program. The activities served the purpose of establishing missing communication links, while ensuring the necessary fact-finding, which has not been made possible in advance of the face-to-face meetings.