ESSYB members organise discussions about corrupted ideas in Belarus


Yesterday we visited a panel discussion about modern Belarusian education. The panel discussion was taking place as part of the project "Dismantling corrupted ideas that dominate Belarusian society" by Katsiaryna Maslakova.

The main idea of the project is to organise discussions about the most common stereotypes in Belarus society: National identity, tolerance, education, and penitentiary system. The topics for the discussion are formulated in a deliberately provocative manner.

Invited guests for the discussions are representing Belarusian expert community, think tanks, advocacy agencies, formal and non-formal educational institutions. The project is implemented by two ESSYB Alumni members (Katsiaryna Maslakova and Alena Kapachova) and online-magazine IdeaBY that works in the sphere of promotion of reforms and innovative ideas in political, economical and social life in Belarus.

#EUforBelarus #ЕСдляБеларуси