Alumni member inspires young people in Belarus


Since 2011 more than 300 young Belarusians have received scholarships to go studying at universities across Europe. The scholarships were granted as part of the OESS and ESSYB higher education programmes funded by the European Union. One of the students who received a scholarship is Hanna Radzko.

Hanna Radzko has always been interested in working with international organizations and projects. When she saw a possibility to apply for the ESSYB scholarship programme, she seized the opportunity and received a scholarship to study for a MA in European Studies at Bonn University, Germany. During her studies Hanna gained a lot of valuable knowledge, international experience and a broad network of connections that helped her developing both as a person and as a professional.

After graduating in 2015 and coming back to Minsk, Hanna got involved in various social, cultural and educational activities. Hanna is now running a project called “EU and YOU – Education for Integration” together with other graduates from various international educational programmes. As part of the project, the graduates are travelling to various cities of Belarus to share their international experience with other young Belarusians who might consider studying abroad.

Young people who live in the regions of Belarus usually lack information and skills, which would help them to participate in international education projects. Therefore, Hanna’s aim is to inspire and motivate young people to be active and use their skills, encouraging them to participate in international educational exchange programme that will lead to positive changes in Belarus.

Besides her project, Hanna has also established an international alumni network, which aims at uniting all Belarusians who have studied abroad and come back to Belarus. Recently, she organised the first so called “International Alumni Forum”, where participants were able to discuss possible directions of the network. 

Join Hanna if you want to be a part of her newly established network! You can find more information about the International Alumni Network here

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